Return to My Rest

This past Sabbath I preached on a message from Zechariah 6:1-8 called Return to My Rest.
Here’s what I forgot to say….
The Christian experience is characterized by resting in God’s completed work.We don’t rest in what we can do but in what He has already done.God created man on day six. The seventh day was man’s first full day in existence and it was spent in rest. What did man need to rest from? He hadn’t done anything yet?That is the point.Man wasn’t resting from something; he was resting in something. God invited man to rest in His completed work. Sabbath is a rest in what God has done.This is how the human story started. This is how our story continues. This is the story of our salvation!God sent His son, He lived the perfect life, He die on the cross, He rose from the dead, His work accomplished our salvation.We don’t do the work. We rest in what He has done. This is the story of our eternal home!This can be our story today! Join God in resting in His completed work!
I also forgot …
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